Natural helpers to boost your immunity!

Rib Mountain, Wausau WI

November is here!  Turkeys, shopping, fluttering leaves and frozen pumpkins--it's a beautiful time of year--this prelude to winter's white landscape.  Beautiful clouds in dark blue skies turn to dark gray rain-filled days in which to hustle and bustle, returning home to baked squash and roasted potatoes, perhaps long naps and fireside chats.   Make sure you stay your healthiest as you're planning your parties and Christ Kindermarket trips.  Don't you just hate it when you have so much to do, and all of a sudden you feel that runny nose or pounding head or tickle in your throat.   "NO!!!!" you scream!  "Stay away.  I don't have time for THAT!!!!"  Ugh, that dreaded feeling....  But wait!  Is there a way to boost your immunity right now naturally?  Well, of course there is!

  • How can you support your hard-working immune system naturally?  By eating real food.  And certain supplements are a great idea too.   (Oh, yes, you've got oils!)
  • Vitamin C does stimulate components of the immune system.  Eat colorful food as your source:  Berries, sweet potatoes, peppers, oranges and papayas...stock up your fridge and enjoy!
  • Vitamin D is super for strengthening your immune system, and you need as little as 15 minutes of skin exposure to the sun.  Take off your sunglasses (unless you need them medically) and let the sun shine in.  Take off your gloves and let the sun kiss your hands, too.  In Wisconsin, it's not recommended to stroll barefoot in the parks.  You don't wanna catch a cold, do you?  ;)
  • I've been reading good things about echinacea and ginseng.  Do your research as folks with allergies or those taking meds could experience interaction.  If in doubt, leave it on the shelf until you speak to your medical professional.  For the rest of us, there are a lot of different teas with these herbs on the market. 
  • DID YOU KNOW:  Ginseng root is grown in abundance right here in Wisconsin (Wausau!); There's different forms, but according to an article I read by Brenna Jacks, ND (member of the Pediatric Association of Naturopathic Physicians) "most studies show a benefit with Panax ginseng."
  • Garlic isn't just for warding off vampires.  Fresh garlic might be awful for your breath, but it's super for overall immune health.  Add to soup (I do) and just make sure your spouse or significant other indulges too; that way, kissing won't be a problem. 

And speaking of kissing, it's really a super reason to keep your immunity boosted, right?  If everyone's healthy, everyone gets to smooch!  And life is better with a kiss, don't you think?

So, relax, wash your hands often, sip some green tea or make a hot cup of water with lemon and a tablespoon of gogi berries and your favorite essential oil or blend.  And enjoy this prelude to my favorite time of year!

Love and light,

Sharon :) XOX ;)

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