Gift of Abundance!

Did You Know -There Is a Law of Compensation?

Yes, there is an invisible law that governs the compensation you receive in life because you are sending invisible waves (vibes)  into the Universe by what you think, what you expect, what you put your attention on, and what you give. Wow!  For real?  YES, the Universe (God) is aware of our thoughts--good or bad.  And it is all about vibration!  

Think good thoughts!  Stay positive.  Because what you focus on is exactly what you receive!  

If you want an increase in compensation, then it is imperative that you get in harmony with what you want by putting your focus and attention on it. So, in other words, put out positive vibes—not thoughts of scarcity and lack. Every thought you think draws to it more of what you are putting out. Think about loneliness—you get more loneliness in your life. Think about how difficult it is to stretch your income to pay the bills—you get more of the same. But if you think that abundance in the form of money energy increasing and a larger income stream is coming your way, it does. Think about drawing the love of your life to you—he or she is on the way.  (Trust me on this one!  If you don't know my love story, ask!)

If you think about increasing your income through your Young Living business, it will increase.  But if you think how difficult it is to find people who want to sign up—that is exactly what you will manifest! It’s the law of compensation.  (Same with health and wellness: See it and be it!  Use oils--it helps!)  Linda Smith published a great newsletter this week on my favorite blend:  Abundance.  Enjoy!

Abundance™ Essential Oil Blend

Here's some ways you can use this blend to help you with the law of compensation.

Abundance™ blend of orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon bark, and spruce raises your vibrational frequency to be in harmony with the abundance you desire. This synergistic blend creates the law of attraction and the energy and frequency of prosperity and plentitude.

  • Try putting a drop in your wallet, applying it as a perfume behind your ears, on your neck, wrists or soles of your feet. (One word of caution, some of the oils in this blend might be a bit strong for sensitive skin, so I recommend diluting it in a carrier oil before applying to the skin around the face and neck). 
  • This is a great oil to diffuse in the room (or your office!)   The goal is to get into harmony with what you are seeking. 
  • Try observing what you are putting out in your thoughts and words. Is it fear, lack, anger at those who do have?  Resentment that you have somehow been left to struggle in life? 
  • Kindly, observe your thoughts and words.  And when you do, consciously choose thoughts and words that are in harmony with the abundance you desire in life. Abundance™ essential oil blend can help change your frequency.

And Linda is right!  I have used it for years in my office.  I put a drop on invoices that I mail to my clients, and it's in my "receivable" drawer with my business checking deposit slips.  I wear it on my ears to "hear opportunities," and I rub a drop on my belly as a symbol that I always have an abundance of food to eat; a drop on my lower back (base chakra) as I affirm:  "I am financially supported."  So many uses.  And it smells so beautiful: Male or female--a beautiful scent to attract all you need.

Love and light,

Sharon :)

PS:  What a super Christmas gift for someone! If you feel like "gifting Abundance" to your friends, put 10 - 20 drops in a small bottle.  It's $0.21 a drop approximately.  Twenty drops will cost you $4.20 but think how you're gifting your loved one a blend that will help their vibes and assist them in attracting their wealthiest self.  Super idea if you ask me.  (I know you didn't, but I'm the one writing this blog post that you love to read!  hahahha)

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