Autumn breeze - a time for change!

Autumn Leaves

The first day of a new season:  I find it fascinating that the weather will be 90 degrees this afternoon, and while golden leaves float on our swimming pool, the cool waters welcome me to float the afternoon away enjoying the warm autumn breeze as if it's still summer.

As I write this, I'm personally "up to" a lot of changes in my life--and they're all good--but I am plowing through the fears as a farmer prepares a field for all the good he/she intends to harvest.  During those early days of spring, we plant seeds, water them and let Nature do her thing.  It's easy to see symbols everywhere and grasp that buds turn to leaves, last year's dandelion seeds have given birth to yellow flowers, and I enjoy tulips because of what I added to the colorful scene.  In the initial phase of fall, as leaves are expressing their brilliant display before letting go of their mighty tree branch and allowing Nature do her thing with them--turning them into compost, warmth beds for perennial beds, winter home for squirrels--the evolution of the past-April's-buds has reached a new day.  And I see not death but am refreshed (as I am in spring) that trees, never in control anyway, lose their leaves and transform because Nature is always doing her thing.

As spiritual beings, we're the same--ever changing--and never in control anyway.  So, what am I up to if I'm not in charge?  Well, I play a part in my human evolution here on earth.  Unlike the tree, I do have a mind--a piece of the whole--and I get to envision my future, dream of all I wish to be, do, have, and experience.  And I'm in charge of sending out a clear signal, detailing my deepest desires--and then in the beauty of the moment, letting go of my illustration with the Faith of a giant oak tree who grew big and tall from that little acorn buried long ago.    Unlike the acorn at the mercy of someone -- animal or human -- or some other living thing to put it into the earth, we -- you and me -- get to plant our ideas into the Universe--the One Mind--God--only after we unearth, dig deep, and tap the root of the deepest desires of our heart and see what is is we really get to be/do/have/experience!   Once out into the light, our work is only to let go, believe God's on it, and live in joy rejoicing that this "or something better" is happening!  And then we get to play in the autumn breeze, help the neighbors rake their leaves, and bake an apple pie to share warm, a la mode, with a friend.  We get to simply live in great faith and hope that God is our partner in change when it's time for a change, or when change has chosen you at this time.

A great affirmation I love after letting go of a dream (like a balloon at the county fair or a giant bubble from one of those bubble wands) is: 

Thank you.  I celebrate my life,  I am fulfilled wherever I am, knowing I am God in expression .  And I know that God is my partner in change.

Gratitude and grace fill my heart as I rejoice and let it be.  And so it is.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, God.  Amen!

(Meaning, God is everywhere present; therefore, God is necessarily inside of me right now.  And that God is expressing as me, and as you, is so mind-blowing awesome--that's the power of this loving, gracious, benevolent Supreme being I call God, Great Spirit, The Universal Mind--how could I not rejoice in gratitude, right?!)

Wanna hear more about what I'm up to this season?   Give me a jingle!  I've also got time for one-on-one consultations to help you navigate the autumn breeze of change--when you're ready!

Text or email or telephone call me--I love to share how the "Trilogy of Good" offered at Frontier eScentials could be for YOU!) 

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Love and light

Sharon :) 


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