Your Lucky Day is NOW!

St. Patrick

It's fun to dream that under the rainbow is a large pot of gold!  It's fun to imagine that you could really have anything in this world if you only believed.  It's delightful to work in my home office on a Friday with a fireplace glowing as my loving husband puts a chicken dinner together.  Do you know that I manifested my dream life?  And that you can too?

Yes, I pray and yes, I use my essential oils.  Together, it's a win-win.  Now, some folks say, "All you need is prayer.  God doesn't care about the oils," blah blah blah.  God is.  And that is truth.  But what IF these oils and their high frequencies actually promoted a change in YOU so that you could attract your dreams?

Enjoy this weekend.  Spring is right around the corner.  And take a few moments over the next couple days to "Blue Sky Dream."  Believe that your lucky day is now!

What does that mean?  Just list 1 - 10 on a sheet of paper anything you wish you could do/be/have/own/experience.  That's it.  Dream like a kid.  Believe in a fairy or leprachaun taking your dream to the land beyond the Rainbow's edge where unicorns frolic and there are shamrocks as far as the eye can see--and then just sit back and dream how that would be.   

Happy St. Patrick's day, my friends!  May the luck of the Irish be with you all every day!  And may you create your dreams with a little help from yourself by dreaming it to be so!  (And if you'd like to try dreaming and believing with an essential oil, send me a message or call me.  Dream Catcher, Build your Dream, Believe, Joy, Envision, Hope--to name a few right here.   Let me know!)

Love and light til next time,

Sharon :)

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St. Patrick

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