Our thoughts are prayers...

As I was journaling this morning, contemplating my day, I was reminded of a gardening metaphor that always comes up each spring--a perennial thought like the tulips and daffodils that appear in our flower beds and landscapes each and every year without our doing anything except initially planting them deep into the soil, and then allowing them to become what they are.  Life is like that--our hopes and dreams do come true once we put them into the light of day from the recesses of our minds and deep yearnings of our hearts.

What are you planting in your mind this spring:  It's true that the future is made up of our thoughts and dreams of today--this very moment.  Are you thinking BIG or complaining that this year is just like the last and nothing ever changes?  I sprinkled my journal pages this morning with Oola GROW that I received free this month.  I'm not a fan of the scent--I find it soft and pretty, but I'm a bolder sort of Sacred Mountain, Ylang Ylang and Black Pepper or Joy sort of gal in the morning.  (Earthy Virgo!!!) But I created my journal-diffuser and love its symbolism:   I simply blessed my hopes and dreams with oils, enjoyed inhaling and thinking about my intentions and prayers, and "watered them" with this oil blend named Grow.  Then I decided to put a few drops of Surrender into my palms and inhale 6 - 8 times for a count of ten.  And I then went upstairs to dress for the day and blessed my wrists, my ears, my shoulders, back and feet with Abundance.  I believe the frequency of these oils do help me manifest my dreams.  I keep clear my intentions; for what I place in that vast Universe--the Mind as some refer to it, God, Great Spirit--whatever I plant there will indeed be manifest and returned (reflected back ) in my life.

"Our thoughts are prayers, and we are always praying.  Our thoughts are prayers, be careful what you're saying...."  I used to sing these lyrics at my church in Milwaukee every Sunday, and the melody and words flow through my head often..."and know that God is always there.  My every thought becomes a prayer."  

  • Whether or not you're in a sacred space you've created, a church pew at mass, or wandering through the grocery store, be mindful of your thoughts.  
  • Keep light, and love and peace at the forefront of your consciousness.  
  • Think about what you WISH to happen; kindly brush aside those thoughts that pass through that you really don't need anymore (nor wish to manifest.)
  • And enjoy the future you're creating every day.  

Love and light until next time,

Sharon :)

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