Hi and happy Friday!  

 Happy Hour starts here at the Frontier!  

Are you looking for a double-bubble cocktail?  Well, it's not that kind of happy hour.  It's not really an hour.  It's just a simple post each Friday sharing a "secret" that my Beauty School attendees receive after paying their $40 for education and fun and the unique-to-my-class PINK BINDER filled with a wealth of beauty techniques, tricks and how-tos!  Now, I'm not giving away the farm, as they say ("they" do say it I think, whoever that is!) but rather simply en-lightening you-- for FREE --with some great information.  And speaking of light, my first topic is one of my new favorites:  Young Living's Sheerlume'.  (Note the pronunciation in the post title!)

  • "Bring your complexion into light, by applying Sheerlume' morning and night!"

That's your new mantra when using this beauty cream, which is a brightening cream.  It optimizes any complexion with its unique proprietary blend of alpine extracts and carefully chosen essential oils.  The science is in:  With daily use, you will unveil your radiant, flawless-looking appearance.  (For the very rare few who are sensitive to Frankincense, you may use this as there is no frankincense in this cream.  But on that note, I do wish to add this:  LESS IS MORE with all the oils, and especially with the powerhouse Frankincense.

Contrary to a LOT of information out there, you don't need to add one drop to your moisturizer EVERY DAY!!!  If you add one drop to your entire jar of skin cream, you are set!  So, really, that is almost exclusively why the few that do have a sensitivity to "frank" have that sensitivity....too much of a good thing.

Folks, your oils are the life blood of the plant.  They have their unique cellular structure that combines with ours in a beautiful symphony.  And in perfect harmony.  There's no need to amplify with MORE; 1 - 2 drops of your essential oils is ideal; and of course, there are times when you'll use 3 or 4 drops depending on your purpose.  

Alas, the lecture right there just flowed out of me like the spa music flowing from my stereo speakers this morning.  It was important.  And now I'll conclude with a beautifying tip about our topic:  "Sheer-Lu-May!"  (Love the French sound, don't you?!)  The suggested use is to apply a thin layer onto clean skin--face and neck (even hands).  And for optimal results, use this every morning and night.  Either alone or under your favorite YL moisturizing cream, you will be delighted with the face that greets you in the mirror.

  • Next week I will talk about proper cleansing.  Seriously, some people are doing it all wrong.  And when you're using our delicious-for-your-skin products; ie, the ART system, you're gonna wanna know how to do it right.

So, until then, be light; be peace, and feel my love~

Sharon :)

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NOTE: If you are interested in having me facilitate a Beauty School for you and your friends/team, September is open and my calendar is just starting to fill in.  I come to you.  You come with your gang to The Frontier a/k/a my house--let me know!  They're an absolute blast and everyone gets to try so many beauty products--let me know ASAP!

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