Labor Day Sugar-Free Coleslaw -Fennel Surprise!

Alas, the final biggie is here:  The three-day holiday weekend that signals summer's over for the kiddies and everyone has a picnic to attend.  The big stores have the chips and beer and hot dogs on special--and the delicatessen is filled with Oreo/jello desserts and mayo-overloaded side-dishes and "healthy-NOT-salads!"

Have you ever been crunching some tasty coleslaw from the deli and thought about how much sugar you're eating?  No?  Wow, I have.  And one day when I was at the counter scanning my options, I got curious.  So, I asked to see the ingredients menu and was stunned--shocked--there's HOW MANY zillion grams of sugar in that stuff?!? (Well, yes, I exaggerate to make a point--that point being:  Holy Moly, there's too much sugar in them there salads!)  I thanked the deli gal and told her I'll make my own.  That was a month ago or more, and I've been coleslaw-deprived every since.... 

Until  Yesterday!  I've been doing a lot of healthy revisions in our pantry and lunch/dinner menus lately, so last evening, I continued my creative endeavor to spice up meals sans sucre, (without sugar) and decided to experiment on my fresh produce with my Fennel YL essential oil and "Voila--deliciousness!!!"  I mean, seriously, I'm talking "This stuff tastes awesome," as in "I can eat as much of this stuff as I wish, get a ton of fiber into my diet, and know it's not gonna cause a sugar high or a sugar crash later."  I'm talking Nummy, num, num-good!!!!

I'd bought a purple head of organic cauliflower and large head of cabbage at the local farmer's market and here's what I did:

Let's call it:  "Sharon's Labor Day Sugar-free Coleslaw" or "Fennel Surprise" -- whatever you wish!

  • Shred a soft-ball size amount of cabbage into a stainless steel or glass bowl (commonly referred to as 1 - 2  C) 
  • After cleaning your cauliflower, remove stems and make "rice" by just putting in food-processor and pulse until coarse (1 - 2 C will be perfect!)
  • Add to your cabbage.  Proceed with the following:
  • I added:  1/4 C chopped Vidalia sweet onion  (use more or less to taste.)

                  1 T raw sunflower seeds (I used salted as it added just a tad of salt)

 1/4 tsp of fennel seeds

 Freshly ground pepper (3 - 4 twists)

3 T Apple Cider Vinegar (I use Bragg with the "mother.)

6 - 8 drops of liquid Stevia  (I like organic Sweet leaf) zero calorie sweetener 

1 drop of Young Living Vitality Fennel essential oil (my photo is of an older bottle)  (But one drop--that's it--and wowza--what FLAVOR!!!!)

Toss it all together.  (Refrigerate a couple hours--but it is quite good immediately.)  And Enjoy!

If you don't have purple cauliflower, maybe buy purple cabbage.  I love the look on my plate with red peppers, green salad and whatever protein (chicken, sirloin steak, elk burger, etc.)  It's a colorful HEALTHY crunchy delicious amazing fresh treat with NO - Z E R O - grams of Sugar!!!!!

  • Super with a Friday Fish Fry!  
  • Excellent dish to pass at the neighborhood picnic.  
  • Conversation starter about essential oils--"What did you put in that?"  your friends will exclaim.  "Oh, Young Living has a Vitality line of oils that are safe to ingest because we add nothing to our oils -- they're the World's leader in the industry cuz they're the best!"  says YOU!  

Enjoy your holiday weekends, my friends!  Be safe in your travels.  Carry your oils with you in case someone needs what you've got.  And check back soon for the next "eScential Newsletter or blog post!"

Love, light and great peace,

Sharon :)

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