Ready. Set. Release!

Remember when you were a kid and you would line up on the sidewalk or school yard to race your fellow classmates or neighborhood pals?  "On your marks.  Get set.  Go!"  And off you'd go, dashing for the win!  Releasing emotions and "things inside" is a a bit like that!  

"On your mark" would equate to choosing something to release; ie, anger, sadness, insecurity, lack of confidence, etcetera.  

"Set"  would be firmly placing that feeling state in your minds-eye, journaling about letting it go, and setting the intention to release it.  

And then "Go!" is release!  Allow it to be gone  Let it go like releasing your grip on a balloon at the fair. 

  • Releasing needn't be difficult but often is.  Why?  Because believe it or not, my friends, sometimes we like our "stuff."  It's been a part of us for a long time, perhaps, and it's a bit scary to imagine life without it.   

Most of would choose for there to be some things different in our lives. However,  as I mentioned above, change can be quite unsettling and bring about fear. We need to be ready and “agree” on all levels – conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious - to let go of whatever is preventing us from achieving our dreams and living our best-ever lives.  

Journaling through anything!What can you do?  Well, journaling, of course, is helpful!!!  (See my Mission Statement at Frontier eScentials FB page!)

Write down:  What do I wish to:  Be, Do, Have, Experience?  And list ten things.  

Then answer some questions:  "How would it feel if I wasn't afraid of______________?"  

"If I did lose/gain 20 pounds, my life would be____________________."  

"If I really believed I could do it, I would_______________."   Start getting to know yourself so you identify blocks and get 'em out of the way so you might really shine!

 Identifying things we wish to change; things that hold us back, things we fear, etcetera is putting you in the READY state; then SET the intention to release whatever it is you wish to change.  Focus happens in your journal--you SEE what your life is and isn't.  See something you wish to change.  Set the intention to release.  and then let go!   RELEASE!   SEE it in a pink balloon.  Let go of the string.  And release it with the KNOWING the Universe now has it and where you let go, you are now filled with a white light where your dreams can begin.  

And, of course, say Thank You!  To yourself.  To your higher self.  Your Highest Power - God, Great Spirit - and go forth knowing it is done!  :)

  • Contact me if you'd like assistance with this!  My fee is reasonable and one-on-one or a small workshop (4 - 6 people) is a wonderful way to learn more.

Are you using essential oils?  If so, you might ramp up your consciousness and intentions, and the following oils and blends may be helpful for releasing things that are holding you back:


Have a beautiful weekend!  And contact me any time to assist!  Frontier eScentials is for YOU.  Let me know how I might help!

Love and light,

Sharon :)

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