New Moon is comin!

Moon Hawk


Yes, it's time for our fun ritual!  

Our next new moon on January 27th at 6:05 PM.

  • For those of you who have been practicing the ritual, you  now that it is time to once again do the New Moon Ritual to help you manifest your desires.
    For those of you who are new to this or need a refresher, here's the procedure:
  • Anytime on the 27th after 6:15 PM take a yellow sheet of paper and write down 10 things you wish to manifest. Then on the 28th write down 10 more things. Place this piece of paper in a sacred space and then watch for things that either come to you or opportunities for you to move toward what it is you desire. Be open and aware.

Wanna take your dream manifestation to a new level?  Try using an essential oil as you make your list.

Put a drop on your list before you set it out.

Place a drop on your pillow before you go to bed that night and see how the frequency of your energy attracts even quicker!   Don't believe me?  TRY IT!

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Love and light,

Sharon :)

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