Light is my guide...

What a glorious autumn day.  There is much going on at a Universal level, far more important than any earthy matters many are "caught up in" at present.  And I believe that is the reason why I've been receiving so many requests for Reiki.  Yes, I am a Reiki Master.  Yes, I am the Fox Valley's YL Beauty School expert and oil consultant, but I was lead to remind all souls interested that Frontier eScentials is always to Reiki!  And I thank all in advance, for allowing me to facilitate this beautiful energy through you!

Unfamiliar with this part of me?  Not sure you even know what Reiki is?  Enjoy this published article I wrote a few years ago for a local health and wellness magazine entitled, "Light is my guide."  If after reading this you are so inspired, call me.  I'd love to work with you.

By Sharon Kay Beyer

"White light streams through sheers framing small French windowpanes. Beautiful hardwood floors accented by a white door and a rich evergreen wall reflect sunlight and illuminate the surrounding walls covered in ancient brick and adobe red. Book shelves filled with wisdom of the ages are co-mingled with quartz crystals, angel wing statues, hawk feathers and a white buffalo. My healing room mirrors my spiritual side — a Christian plus more — and honors the oneness of all religions. The one true God, “Our Father who art in Heaven,” is my God; but I talk to Great Spirit when I'm out in nature and refer to God as “the Universe,” as I believe they're the same.

There's a power for good in the Universe and you can use it.” –Ernest Holmes

As a Reiki practitioner, I am simply tapping into that good as one taps, for instance, a maple tree. Just as sap flows and is turned into delicious sweet syrup for your blueberry pancakes, I tap into the Universe, energy flows to you, and thus, is transmuted into what you need — a gentle therapeutic healing.

Before an energy healing or treatment, I invoke the “light” of the One within me, and because I'm attuned to the frequency of this Universal life-force (that is available to all of us), I'm able to share it with anyone wishing to receive it through a healing. It's important to note here: I am a vessel for the healing. I'm not anything less or anything more. For ease of understanding: I'm the straw through which this energy passes. I don't make up energy. I don't heal you with my mind. I don't possess magic powers. I facilitate your healing using Reiki. And it's a beautiful experience for us both.

The word Reiki is pronounced “ray-key.” To break down the word: “rei” is the universal boundless aspect of energy; “ki” is the vital life-force energy flow. What happens during a session is this concentrated form of cosmic energy flows through my hands as I “treat” you to Reiki.

Reiki itself strives to bring one into a state of balance, and that's why it is an excellent tool to use in self-healing, for those seeking harmony and relaxation, for those who suffer illness and for those seeking help on their spiritual paths. Another important note here: Reiki possesses a wisdom of its own and functions of its own accord. What does that mean for you exactly? Well, let's say you call me because you're tired of your sore back. I'll spend extra time allowing energy to flow to your pain source, and you'll probably experience relief; but Reiki will make its own way to the area or areas of your body in need of treatment. Your back symptoms might be a result of something deeper. And the Universe (God) knows what you need before you ask, so the energy operates like that – through me – to you.

I've been a Reiki Master since 2005, beginning my journey in 1998. I've experienced profound healing as a result of my treatments — body, mind and spirit. I'm where I am today because of my use of this gentle, loving energy. I know it's a complement to any healing method you may be using now. And it produces a state of relaxation that you need to experience in order to know exactly what I'm saying.

  • Are you overwhelmed with your life?
  • Do you experience constant pain and seek help other than pain medication?
  • Have you recently experienced an emotional trauma?
  • Are you suffering from illness or disease?

Reiki is peaceful and helps attain relief for a variety of complaints; Reiki "healings" are unique to each soul. And if you’re ready, I’m ready to help you. The table is set. The room is peaceful and serene. And the energy is flowing. I'm grateful for the privilege of being the vessel through whom you've chosen to receive it. Until then, love and light to you all."

If you would like to schedule, please contact me:

1) New Client

2 hours @ $120.00

2) Returning Client
3) Distant Session

1 hour @ $85.00

Love and light,

Sharon :)

(The trilogy of good starts at Frontier eScentials:  Reiki, Journaling and Young Living Essential oils--one, two or all three and YOU will never be the same again!)

I celebrate the freedom to Transform for myself and for you!

If you would like to learn more about incorporating Reiki or essential oils or journaling into your life, please contact me.  If you're ready to experience a true healing with essential oils today, log in here and select Premium Starter Kit with Dewdrop Diffuser.  $160 investment in you. NO yearly fee.  NO selling required.  Simply experience nature's living energy as you undergo new seasons of growth now and forever.

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