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Q:  Did you know that once you are logged into Virtual Office, there is a ton of information and education?

A:  Yes, there is.  And it's FREE!

It's under the MEMBER RESOURCES tab over on the left-hand side of your screen (which is under the QUICK ORDERwhere you usually go to order your oils if you're not on Essential Rewards.*)

Next time you're placing an order, checking your downline, or adding to your ER account, scroll to that tab and click it. You will be amazed at all there is to learn as a member about the products, policies, sharing with compliant language, blogs--give it a peak!

  • Click on the Out of Stock link and plan when you can purchase your favorite by looking at the list and the reasons it's gone (Remember: Our oils and products are from Mother Earth, and if there's a flood or drought on the farms, then the quantity of plant is reduced; therefore, quantity of oil.
  • Bummer, yes. Wonderful, yes! (Ours are the real deal Seed to Seal! And I, of course, get disappointed when my BLM, for example, is gone; but, I know it will be back and in the meantime, I'm grateful Gary and Mary don't sacrifice quality ever!

Browse below to familiarize yourself. And if you have people in your down-line, make sure they know what's available in their "back office" of Virtual Office too!

Love and light!

Sharon :)

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What does that mean?  Enroll someone under YOUR member number with a Premium Starter Kit and YOU GET 50 bucks from YL as a Thank YOU!  No limit to how many you can enroll.  Need $300?  Enroll six!  Ask me for help if you need it.  JUST MAKE SURE YOU GIVE OUT YOUR MEMBER NUMBER SO you are the Enroller/Sponsor!!!!!!

Quick Links

This section of the Virtual Office provides you with a wealth of information and resources, including product information pages, compensation plan highlights, printable versions of our Member Agreement and Policies and Procedures documents, tax-related documents, and other forms to help you as a Young Living member.

I'm here at The Frontier! Let me know how I might help you!!!!


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