Face yourself!

Hi friends and blog followers!  (I know there's a few of you!  And THANK YOU!!!)

When I attended Beauty School this past April at the Zermatt Resort in Utah, Dr. Sabina DeVita began with this super quote: 

 "Face yourself in order to save your face!"

Now, what does THAT have to do with Young Living oils, you ask?  EVERYTHING is her answer, and mine too!

I enjoy teaching Beauty Schools here in Wisconsin more than any of the other topics I teach because it's an inside-out kind of job, and Beauty truly does begin, first, with who you are as a person; secondly, with what you believe about yourself, and thirdly, what are you putting in your mouth that is gonna come out on your skin.

Remember that old saying:  You are what you eat?  Well, it's true!  (More on that in a different blog.)  Let's just keep it light and think about starting anew.  What better symbolism than to scrub off the old and start with a clean face.

This summer, why not try a super exfoliation product unlike anything you've purchased before in any store, and try our Satin Mint Facial Scrub.  It's $16.25 wholesale and it's absolutely the best!!!!

Cleanse, exfoliate, tone and moisturize and watch your skin glow!  (Need a new cleansing system to bring out your natural and inherent beauty?  Try the ART Skin Care system!  Interested in restoring your facial skin to be the best reflection in the mirror?  Try the ART Renewal Serum -- it's got orchid extract!!!!  

  • Remember:  Drink plenty of water in this weather (and all weather); avoid sugar and wheat (yes, wrinkle causers!) and treat yourself to a new oil like Hong Kuai (Very similar to Sandalwood); or a blend like "Forgiveness" and add a drop to your facial cream!

Feel beautiful first by how YOU see yourself and your actions in the world; give your skin the best "food" with YL's all-natural products.  And face yourself in every action and enjoy your beautiful YOU every day!

Beauty School calendar is NOW OPEN!  If you wanna host a class, please contact me.  If you wanna learn more one-on-one, contact me! 

Until the next blog, love, light and peace my friends!

Sharon :)

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