Dr. Marmot returns with E - I (Dream series)

Marmot  Dr. Marmot

I hope you enjoyed the last information.  I voted yesterday, and I wore "Believe," and I'm wearing it every day until the election is over.  (No more political than that on these posts my friends!)

Here's some more awesome blends to consider as you work on manifesting your dreams:

  • Envision™provides powerful support and balance to the emotions so that we can move forward with renewed faith in the future toward achieving our dreams and goals. 
  • Highest Potential™ helps us tap into the divine power within, empowering and enabling us to achieve our full potential.   Wear it on your ears, your "third eye" or carry it around in your purse--the vibration is THAT great and you always have it available to inhale a bit throughout the day to boost your dream manifestation and achieve your HIGHEST potential!
  • Hope™ supports the body physically and mentally to give us the feeling of going forward with hope and achievement. Inspiration™ relieves negative thoughts and enhances spiritual awareness.   Are you feeling hopeful or hopeless?  There is always Hope when you wear this blend containing Melissa, Myrrh, Juniper and Black Spruce.  Definitely an aroma that invites you to restore your faith by reconnecting with feelings of strength and stability. 
  • Into the Future™ helps us leave the past behind in order to go forward with vision and excitement.  Quite an inspirational blend creating an invigorating aromatic companion as you look toward your life's goals and dreams and achieve them!  I love wearing this blend before I journal in the morning or before bed so when I turn off my conscious mind, my subconscious is boosted into my future planning!  A blend of Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang, White Fir, Idaho Blue Spruce, Frankincense, Jasmine, Juniper, Orange, Cedarwood, White Lotus--"Ommmmmm" --  I am transported to another dimension just reading the ingredients!  How about you?

So, now you've got  oils blends A through I--are you excited to try one of these before Dr. Marmot posts some more?  Are you taking time to list your dreams in your journal?  Do you have a goal in mind and wish to ramp up the progress of achieving it?  Is it a YL career path?  Check out the promotions this month!  Or call me and I'll tell you--but here's a nutshell:  5 new enrollees--get a Sacred Frankincense!  10 new enrollees--a 5 ml bottle of Rose!  Yes, $190 bottle of Rose!  Do you HOPE to achieve your Highest Potential?  Can you Envision your life Into the Future?  Yes, YOU can!  Choose a blend,  gift yourself 15 minutes a day to meditate and journal about your intention, and call me when you've received it!  I already know for you it's yours!  

So, until the rest of the alphabet is prescribed by Dr. Marmot (who's off exploring his next tunnel of dreams), I send you light and much love!)

Log in here:   FORWARD PROGRESS TO MY DREAMS! to order YOUR blend today!   Spend 100 and get a FREE 5 ml Peppermint; 190 gets you a FREE 5 ml Christmas Spirit, 20 Essential Reward pts and peppermint; 250 gets you the above PLUS that 15 ml Frankincense!!!!!  And 300 gets you all of that PLUS a 5 ml Sacred Frankincense and a 5 ml Myrrh!  Whew!  How does one NOT hit one of those with Christmas right around the corner!  Gift a blend to your loved ones to help them with their dreams and goals--and get a lot FREE!  That's good karma!

Love you and bless you all!

Sharon :)

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