Divine timing!

Divine Timing

Wow!  We're already two-thirds of the way through the month of July.  Summer is flying.  And alas, I'm in my office with the blinds closed so I cannot see the beautiful day outside my window.  My swimming pool will keep.  My flowers will wait.  The Monarchs will alight on my cone-flowers and hummers will sip nectar from the bee-balm as I'm strolling through the garden again to see them.  Why?  

Because everything that is mine to do, be, have, own and experience is already mine.  (like experiencing this little hummingbird SITTING on our feeder at our Colorado cabin earlier this summer!)

It is called Divine timing!

I panicked in bed a bit earlier this morning (think 3 A.M. til 4 A.M.)  I'm a court reporter, as many of you know, and sometimes I receive a request for something we term "expedited," which means all play stops:  Editing kicks into gear; proofreading shifts into high gear, transcript production is full-speed-ahead and life is lived almost exclusively in my office as the empty coffee cups, tea mugs, and empty plates  pile up, and the number of pages to edit goes down.  I've learned over the past 35 years in this career to be grateful for these opportunities of increased abundance and to simply work in ease and joy and know all is well; all will get finished in perfect time.  And before I know it, I'll be free to roam around my yard and jump off my diving board in Divine Time.

It's no longer dis-appointing to me; but Divinely-appointed!  I won't miss a thing!  Because anything and everything that is mine will be.  And realizing this is SOOOO rewarding and peaceful!

  • Here was my dilemma sometime pre-dawn:  Tomorrow I cannot be at the farmer's market in Thiensville (where I've met many of you!)  I simply need to be here working on this case.  I wondered  (worried if I'm being honest) in those wee hours of insomnia:  "What if someone wants to join my team and become a member of YL and I'm not there?  What if they join someone else's team?"  And then I sighed and breathed and remembered:  "What's mine is mine and cannot be anyone elses.  What is mine to experience only belongs to me.  What is mine to do, be, have, own, experience is mine.  God says.  It is the law."  And I relaxed then and fell fast asleep until my 6:05 A.M. alarm brought me into this morning, a bit groggy, but ready to live out my bounty-filled day.

So, my friends:  Relax and know all is well.  What's yours is yours.  And wherever you are, whatever you are doing, it is all perfect for you as all is well all the time.  And God's timing for you and your dreams is Divine.

Love and light,

Sharon :)

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