De-Stress for the Holi-daze (and all days!)

Q  De-Stress?  

A  Yes!

Last night I was the presenter for our monthly Fox Valley health and wellness class.  It was a great success, and for those of you who live in the area and didn't make the short drive to Lake Park and Midway Road, you really missed a great fun night of education!!!  Best place to spend $5 and more than likely win a fabulous door-prize!  

  • Some of the favorites I talked about included:   Lavender, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Stress-Away Roll-on, Tranquil Roll-on, and the ENTIRE Feelings Kit collection.  (Look up the six blends in this collection - buy them individually or gift yourself the whole kit--it is truly fabulous!  Talk to me about it if you have questions!)

  • DID YOU KNOW:  When your body is in that state of "Flight or fight" because of stress, it is long-term harmful and leads to dis-ease?  Of course you did.  But what are you gonna do about the stress that's starting to sprinkle into your lives this week, one week pre-Thanksgiving?  It slowly builds momentum with all the to-do's, and shoulds, and pressure...what's an oily fan gonna do?

D - Diffuse!

E - Eat scentsibly, engage in fun activites, and Enzymes (Essentialzyme 4, Detoxyme, Sulfurzyme - look up what they do for you in your reference books!)

S - Soak in a tub!  Sit down and be STILL for five minutes and SIMPLY breathe.  SLEEP!

T - Take a trip to the theatre, talk to an old friend, take a Thieve's Cleaner bubble bath (yes, I do with two caps ful and YOU can too!)

R - Rest, relax, Roll-on your oils, rub 'em in good, and Raindrop (Check it out in your Product Guide - benefits are amaaaaazing!)

E - Exercise!  Then massage yourself with Orthosport!  (FREE this month with qualifying orders!!!!)

S - ___________________________________________________ ( YOU fill it in!  The FIRST person that responds with their "S" will win a prize!  Just seeing who really reads!)

S - Sing a song, Smell (inhale) an oil, Start a new novel, Send a paper airplane across the office, and SMILE!

And so much more!  USE your oils, folks!  Eat 'em in frosting (hint hint:  Peppermint and Orange are fabulous!!!!); drink 'em (in your NingXia Red, a cocktail, a cup of tea) and Inhale them every chance you get!

Until next time, remember:  DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!

Love and light,

Sharon :)

#228806 - Enroller/Sponsor "Changing lives one drop at a time 

since 1999."

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