Christmas Spirit

CHRISTMAS SPIRIT™ Essential Oil Blend

During the winter and especially during the holidays, I love to diffuse Christmas Spirit™ in my home. Memories of my childhood around the Christmas tree after church, baking with my mom--especially Christmas cookies--all flood back to me when I inhale or wear athis blend:  A combination of orange, cinnamon bark and black spruce takes me to Christmastime even in July!!!

Orange (Citrus sinesis) includes the naturally occurring constituent limonene. I love the taste of orange especially in my water bottle. In the Christmas Spirit™ blend, it lends its sweet aroma to enhance a sense of joy. Orange oil can react with the UV rays of the sun, so Christmas Spirit™ is not an oil I would apply to the skin and then go out into the sunlight.

Cinnamon Bark(Cinnamomum verum) is distilled from the inner bark of the cinnamon tree. It is considered a hot oil in that it is high in aldehydes that can potentially be hot to the skin. It is a great flavoring agent for foods especially my favorites, sweet potatoes and deserts. With cinnamon bark oil, a little goes a long way but in this blend it adds a richness that is enticing and warming.

 Northern Lights Black Spruce (Picea mariana). This beautiful oil from Canada's black spruce forest adds a deeply-rich woodsy and invigorating scent to Christmas Spirit™ boosting this blend to an uplifting and stimulating scent.  (Consider a purchase of this as a single--it has a frequency higher than Rose!!!!  Ooo-laa-laaaa!  It is fabulous!!!!!)

Christmas Spirit™ is a wonderful addition to your holiday celebrating and will help purify the air as well – a great asset during winter months. 

Wear it on the city sidewalks, busy sidewalks, and everywhere you hear Silver Bells this season!

{Even if you don't wanna rush order it for Christmas, purchase some today!  You will be happy you did!}

Love, light and Merry Christmas!!!

Sharon :)

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