Can't live without dryer sheets? Read this!

Try this clever idea for a natural dryer sheet made from a scrap piece of cotton cloth and 3 - 5 drops of your favorite essential oil!

More isn't necessary - with oils, LESS IS ALWAYS MORE, and that includes this little easy project.

If you wanna run around the world "wearing money on your sleeve," use your Finance blend!  Look at the oils in that!  Mmmmm, they smell fabulously-rich!

Dripping with riches

I, personally, love Lavender and Eucalyptus.  But to each his/her own.

  • Try these:  Cedar and patchuli for a masculine, woodsy scent
  • Rosemary and thyme - earthy!
  • Geranium and neroli (orange blossom) for a floral scent.
  • Peppermint and eucalyptus - you can really breathe clearly with this combo!
  • Jasmine and ylang ylang - a wee-bit expensive but oh, so romantic!  

Orange and lemon - simply refreshing and cheap (both bottles are under $11.50 for 15 ml!  Have fun using 'em!

Chamomile and hyssop is quite a relaxing combo for your nightie, pjs, maybe the pillow cases and sheets--oooh, so soothing!

How do you do it:

Cut a scrap of cotton cloth into a small square (4X4 outa do it) and add 3 - 5 drops of your favorite oils.

Toss into the dryer with the rest of the laundry.  

How many times might you use it?  Two or three times, each time refreshing it with 3 more drops of oil.

After that, was the little cloth and use it again....good for the planet.  Good for you.  (The neighbors might knock on your door and ask what that heavenly scent is coming from your dryer vent!)

If you have any great ideas that you've been successful with, drop me a note.  I love learning!

Also:  If this isn't your thing, grab a gallon of white vinegar at the market, drop in 20 drops of your favorite and add to the rinse cup in your washer (that's my thing!) And your clothes will come out soft and fresh with no need for dryer sheet unless you really wanna make one of these inexpensive, healthy-for-the-family-and-the pets-earth-friendly sheets!

Have a super day!

I'm here at the Frontier if you need me!


Love and light,
Sharon :)

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