Why do YOU want a home business?

It's not just about the money--having your own home business--and it's not just about being your own boss either, even though both of these are good.  

When you have a Young Living business, the income could be phenomenal,  but think about the quality of products that come from Gary and Mary Young's integrity and vision of having oils in every home in the world!  What else are you accomplishing (besides working in your pajamas until noon some days) by being involved in such a great company?  Read on.  And let's see if a home business is really what you seek...

 It's a Way to Serve Others

When you own your own home business, the number one idea you must understand is that your job is to serve others. In Young Living, our job is to share, provide information and support, and eventually leadership. The commission check is just an indicator of how many people we have served.

2. It's About Friendships  

The Young Living business is about creating lasting and meaningful friendships. I grew up in an ideal neighborhood as a kid--every back yard was our playground and we played until dark (or until my mom called our names "Jean, Joan, Sharon! --to come in and take our bath!)  It's still fun for me to make friends.  And whether or not growing up and making friends was easy for you as a kid, as an adult working through your Young Living business, you'll have opportunities to create thousands of friends and dozens of quality personal relationships that will inspire and encouarge you!  Your home business could land you friends all over the world.

3. It's a Way to Learn and Grow

People skills and professional skills are necessary our entire lives.  As you "work" your business and develop a team of leaders who follow your mentoring, you'll improve your listening and communication skills.  Imagine if this carried over into your personal relationships?  It's possible!yes 

A colleague of mine wrote:  "As a side effect of this learning, my marriage became stronger, my parenting more effective and the people who normally annoyed me I learned to handle much more effectively."  

4. It's a Way to Help Others Change Their Lives

Probably the most rewarding "job" we have as we work our Young Living home business is helping others change their lives. Initially it may be with an essential oil that helps them with a health challenge or emotional problem.

Helping someone improve their health with a simple, natural, and safe routine like using essential oils everyday or drinking their NingXia Red juice can be life changing in itself, but there is something even greater we can do. We can help them change their financial future.

enlightened  Did you know:  It's estimated that 92% of those who enroll for the distributorship in Young Living do so just to receive the wholesale pricing, but 8% are actively working and growing a Young Living business.

Even just achieving the level of Senior Star with an average commission check of $261 can help a family afford their own Young Living products and then some. To achieve that level you are working at about seven (7) hours a week, your entire team of other distributors and customers do a minimum group volume of sales of $2,000  in a month.

If we assume the average monthly order is $150, then that is approximately 14 people ordering in a month. (Note: Young Living has one of the highest client loyalties ever, once people consistently start using our products they will be re-ordering on a monthly basis.)

For those who need or desire to grow bigger businesses, they can do so by increasing the amount of hours they work, skill level and amount of new people they share with on a monthly basis. See this link for 2013 Income Disclosure of Young Living Essential Oils.  Anything is possible!!!

Executives work on average 11 hours a week and earn a monthly commission of $617 or $7,404 a year, Silvers work on average 17 hours per week and earn on average $28,020 a year. Now, granted these are averages; so, of course, there are people who are achieving greater amounts and lesser amounts at the same rank.

I know there are people out there right now who need to change their financial future.

  • Maybe you are just using YL's products right now but aren't sure what to do next; ie, how do I promote this and get others interested too?
  • Maybe you have said you are doing the business, but when you really look at it, you aren't doing anything consistently and you really do wish to gain financial freedom?
  • Maybe you are in another company but it just doesn't feel like a good fit for you. 
  • Maybe you're stuck in your job and aren't sure if you'll ever be able to leave.  
  • Maybe you're afraid you have to quit your job to have a home business...well, what if I tell you you don't?

Does any of this ring true for you? If so, why not give me a call!

After 17 years, the majority of my  members are simply loving YL's  products; but quite a few (and this number is growing!) of Frontier's team  members are receiving commissions checks for sharing with others, and they're serious about changing their families future and earning residual income from simply sharing.

I am intending that my business building team will grow by 25% this year.  I'm changing my M.O. (modis operandi) and have decided to be even more vocal about talking to others about the business aspects and financial $$$ opportunity of Young Living.  It may or may not be a good fit for you, but if I fail to show you what's available, I'm depriving myself (and you) of an opportunity to change lives.

Maybe you're thinking you need to earn more income, supplement your retirement, build a retirement, replace your current job's income so you might take the financial pressure off of your spouse, or maybe you just want the extra income for travel and leisure, or more time with family, or simply wishing to increase your own spending money.

If you are interested in seeing how Young Living might help you achieve those goals, I would love to chat with you. heart

Please email,  or call me so we can set up a time to chat. 

Remember:  Anything is possible with the Young Living home business if you are willing to Serve Others, Build Friendships, Learn and Grow, and stay persistent in working to manifest your dreams.

I'm here at The Frontier, and I look forward to talking with you!

Love and light,

Frontier Sharon :)heart

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