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Hello, and happy Tuesday!  I've passed out my new reference list in my recent classes, but it's here available any time you "click on the blogs" in my newsletters or emails.  And while apps, Kindles and electronic devices are the rage these days for learning, a good old-fashioned book is just what Frontier Sharon has ordered for you!  (And I have several to choose from already in my library,, but my latest acquisition is already dog-eared and showing signs of yellow highlighting and bookmarks!)

What are you gonna read?


Reference Books & Literature

Life Science Publishers – Essential Oils Desk Reference (EODR) and fantastic books. (TELEPHONE:  1-800-336-6308)  (PLUS excellent source of essential oil carrying cases, diffusers and "oily" merchandise--fun site!!!)

crowndiamondtools.com  – Books, brochures, CD’s, educational materials, custom print and prospecting tools.

KREpublishing.com - Great for handouts and 3rd-party tools! (essential oils accessories, key rings, jewelry--a must-visit fun site to browse!)

And don't forget to look to the right of all these blogs I send out....videos, education right under your nose all the time whenever you "click on my blogs!" :)

And your "Member Resources" right on the Young Living website is fabulous.  Log into your Virtual Office; then on the lefthand side are the tabs for ordering, organization, etc.  Click on Member Resources and see a lot of great education!)  CLICK HERE

Search Engines --because I know some of you love websites and electronics!

YL Search – The Young Living search engine for testimonials, books, resources, videos, blogs and much more!

Oil-Testimonials – Come discover how people are using essential oils on a daily basis to achieve health and well being.

Young Living Corporate Sites

Young Living Corporate – Young Living Essential Oils Company Website

Facebook – Follow Young Living Essential Oils on Facebook.

Twitter – Follow Young Living Essential Oils on Twitter.

YouTube – Young Living’s videographer has uploaded videos for YL distributors to watch and share.

Vimeo – Young Living has uploaded videos for YL distributors to watch, learn and share.

Flickr – Young Living’s photographer has uploaded pictures for YL distributors to use.

As distributors with YL, our role when sharing our passion for these oils (whether we are leaders or simply using with personal family members) is to look things up or teach others how to look things up, and share where to find information; ie, reference books, and resources, so thehymight find ways to enhance their best healthy selves while utilizing the best oils in the world!  The above is a great start.  

Searching "holistic approach for _____________" will help anyone get familiarity with alternative ways to assist our health!

Questions?  Call me or send a text!

Love, light and Peace,

Frontier Sharon :)heart

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