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I wanted to share two blogs today, since they must be read and/or saved together.  The previous post gave you the simple practice.  This part is given as a glimpse into Dr.Hew Len as a person: A deeply spiritual man who was a real, practicing psychotherapist.  And his story, written by Saul Maraney and shared below, is incredible.
If you are intersted in exploring further this concept, I invite you to read "Zero Limits" by Joe Vitali and Dr. Hew Len.  (I have the condensed version I found for free in pdf format online.)  "Zero Limits" is available on Amazon.  (Another gift I'm giving me for Christmas!!!)
Here is a great brief snapshot of his work with Ho'oponopono.  Love you all! :)
By Saul Maraney
Johannesburg, South Africa
If Dr Hew Len Was Able To Clear Out a Criminally Insane Ward Without Therapy, Then How Can We Impact Our Personal Lives Using The Powerful Problem Solving Process Of Ho’oponopono?
Dr Hew Len worked at the Hawaii State hospital in the high security ward for the criminally insane from 1983 to 1987, where he cured and entire ward of criminally mentally ill patients using the simple ancient Hawaiian healing method of Ho’oponopono.
During that time, Dr Hew Len didn’t do any therapy on the patients. He would walk through the ward, and review the patient’s files, not for the purpose of therapy but to see what there was there for him to clean up.
So, if Dr Hew Len didn’t work on the patients, how was it that he was able to cure the entire ward of criminally mentally ill patients?
Dr Hew Len always kept in mind that every one, including the patients in that ward were all really creations of The Divine. And in being so, they were all perfect beings with perfect minds in that they all were an exact replication of The Divine; represented by the Void and Infinite.
Given that information: What is a problem?
According to Ho’oponopono, a problem is a memory replaying in the subconscious mind.
When Dr Hew Len did Ho’oponopono in the hospital, he would ask himself: “What is going on in me that I experience the hospital / situation in such a way?” – Being that Dr Hew Len knew that in essence he was perfect, and that the criminals in essence were also perfect – he asked himself: “What is this problem going on?”
Dr Hew Len used the following analogy to explain was the problem was:
“Imagine the mind is like a canvas, and on that canvas of the mind is painted a stain, and that stain is a memory.” – “The stain is left there on the sub-conscious mind, and when it gets triggered, it replays a past experience.”
So a problem is a memory replaying a past experience.
Ho’oponopono is an appeal to The Divinity to cancel the memories that replay as problems. And as Dr Hew Len would move through the ward, he would ask himself: “What is going on in me that I am experiencing these problems?”
Dr Hew Len would continuously clean the memories in his sub-conscious mind that would come up as he want through each patient’s file, looking within himself at what came up, and what he needed to let go of.
When Dr Hew Len arrived at the hospital every one of the seclusion rooms were occupied with violent patients, but as he let go the memories and feelings in him, within a year and a half, all of the seclusion rooms had been shut down, and patients were starting to be able to take care of themselves.
Knowing that all memories are shared, Dr Hew Len worked on what ever was going on in him that he experienced as the criminals being the way they were. As Dr Hew Len asked Divinity to erase those memories, he got clear, the patients got better, and over the four years that he was at the hospital, many of the patients went home, and eventually the ward was actually shut down.
As Dr Hew Len incessantly did his cleaning on what ever was going on in him, the shared memory he had with the patients, that he experienced as problems in the ward, they got cancelled in him, he got clear, and the patients in the ward stayed for much shorter periods of time.
Dr Hew Len points out that that a major problem with therapists is that they keep thinking that they are in practice to save people, when actually; they are in practice to get clear themselves. Dr Hew Len says that as we heal the memories that we share with other people, those people get cancelled, and people just get better.
Before Dr Hew Len came on board in that ward, the psychologists would last for approximately one month, and then they would be quit. But Dr Hew Len just worked on himself, and what ever was going on in him before he went in each day to the ward, while he was there, and after he left each day. He constantly worked on the common data that he shared with the patients and that he experienced as problems.
About a year later, people started asking: “What is going on that the ward is so quiet?”
It was because Dr Hew Len was only interested in being 100% responsible for what ever was going on in his life. He was only interested in being clear so that his life was peaceful, with less stress and less confusion.
And today, that ward is no longer in use.
Dr Hew Len points out that the bottom line is that when ever there is a problem that we notice, we are always there. So, Dr Hew Len constantly asked The Divinity to make amends for whatever he had in the common, and that he was experiencing as problems with the patients in that ward.
Dr Hew Len says that the only reason that he exists is because “peace begins with me” , and although he still stumbles a lot, that is what he practices."
So, I leave you with your thoughts and invite your feedback and input.....
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