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Here is a brief story of an incredible man, Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len.  This is a special gift for you, my friends, as a pre-Christmas gift!  (It is part one of a two-part blog today!  Print it for is a keeper!!!)

Dr. Hew Len worked in the Hawaii State Hospital as a mental health doctor. He used this simple script of cleaning:


I love you, I love you, I love you,

I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry,

I forgive you, I forgive you, I forgive you,

I thank you, I thank you, I thank you.”

With this simple cleaning technique he was able to clear out all patients in two years and he never met with anyone personally.***

This “ho opono opono,” (opono means right making right more right) technique was used to erase data and free the soul. He felt 100% responsible for anything that came into his life, and he treated himself for the condition he witnessed by asking:  What is going on in me?

I did this years ago under the teaching of my dear friend and mentor, Joan Marie Collins.  I resumed this in August, 2014 when there was a deeply personal family situation going on.  And I resume today through March 18th for a 90-day transformation as a gift to me!  { I am using essential oils and will share in the next blog which oils and how I use them.}    I am getting a family picture together, which will include my dad who is on the "other side," and Tim's family.  It will help me love and forgive everyone in my sphere.  Here's the process:

Each morning as I journal, I will gaze into the eyes of my family(s) and the names of people who have appeared in my life (that I've written in my journal) as I simply say:

I love you – 3 times;

I am sorry - 3 times;

I forgive you - 3 times;

and I thank you 3 times.

God knows my intention.  And this is a gift I am giving myself and loved ones this Christmas.

IF you are interested in learning about this, please let me know.  I will put together a workshopfor you here at The Frontier in January.  In the meantime, begin this now, right where you are.  You don't need a fancy journal or even essential oils.  It is your intention, as it was Dr. Len's intention, that works.  Because I  know how powerful my oils are for emotional release, I choose to use them to enhance my work.  (Frankincense is in your everyday collection - it is a good one to begin with if you choose.)

Please leave a message either telephone voicemail or email if you are interested.  Because you are on the Frontier Team,  a special rate will be set and discounts on journals too.

Love, light and blessings now and always,

Frontier Sharon :) - CLICK for the latest "E-scential" news and blog posts! :)

***FOR MORE DETAILED at-home learning about Dr. Hew Len, there is a book published on his remarkable work.  We'll talk in depth at the workshop in January.  IF you are interested in learning more, please call/text.

414-305-8629 - Mobile

As a reminder:  MY incentive and offer from Thanksgiving of a "FREE" bottle of Gratitude still applies.  Any month that you enroll three members with the Everyday collection, I will gift you with this beautiful blend.  




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