Ticks and Stones?

Hi Everyone!  It's that season again when you're out enjoying the weather and a cold beverage and a nibble of something tasty, when all at once:  Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....ouch....slap!  Ugh!  Mosquito Bite!

You've all got the Purification that came in your Starter Kits!  Great for humans and pets.  Fleas, ticks and mosquitos? They are not a fan of this fabulous blend!  Yey for outside activities!!!!  Too bad for you, insects!   

My simple recipe is:  7 - 12 drops of Purification mixed with a cup of water in a spray bottle with a stone at the bottom.  Shake well and spray!  (The stone isn't magic...it is necessary, however, to activate the oils that will rise to the top!)  Voila:  Instant mosquito-be-gone potion!  If you're too tired to shower after you've come in, sleep in it...it's toxic-free!!!!!  And so good for the little ones in your life, too!yes

If you're a woodsy-owl type of person and go camping or hang out in fields of tall grass, this one 's for you!  In addition to the recipe below, use your Lemongrass in your diffuser as a pick-me-up, or just a general smell-good in your home.  Too much weekend golf or gardening?  Rub on some Lemongrass!!!  Working on your psychic ability?  Wanna open up your Third Eye?  Rub a drop of Lemongrass and a drop of Lavender on the center of your forehead.  Cheaper than a crystal ball!  And it works! (Sometimes I throw in unique interesting ideas to see if you're really reading these posts!) 

And Eucalpytus Globulus is super in diffusers; rub it on your chest if you get a summer cough, put some under your nose if you get a cold from too much AC; and if you're into making your own laundry softener, 20 drops of Eucalyptus in a 1 gallon bottle of WHITE vinegar is amazing!  Chemical free--clothes get soft--and it's fabulouscent!

Outdoor Fun! Summer Potion Recipe 

20 Drops Lemongrass Essential Oil
20 Drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
4 oz. of Water

Add all ingredients in a spray bottle...ADD a small stone!  
Shake Well!

Spray on shoes, socks
and pant cuffs!

Safe For Humans (ticks don't like it!!!!)

and Dogs (just don't spray in their eyes....put it on your hands and wipe it on their face.)

coolNOTE:  For about 25 bucks, you have over 600 drops of oils and over 15 batches of summer potion, plus all the other uses you'll find in your reference books in addition to the few I mentioned above.  Log into your Virtual Office today! * Gift some to your friends!  Summer picnics and outdoor activities are in full swing:  GREAT hostess gifts for those friends who are throwing the party!

Until next time, enjoy the summer!  And call me or text with any questions any time!

Love and light,
Frontier Sharon :) #228806 - Enroller/Sponsor 


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