The new energized Frontier e-Scentials!

Hi friends!

As of today, the website formerly called Frontier Naturescents has been put to rest; and reborn is a new energized "Frontier e-Scentials!"

Simply clicking on any of these blog posts will take you to education that is FDA compliant, filled with interesting information on the oils and how to use them, and articles and posts about nutritional supplements and the newest products available at Young Living.

And when you log into with your Member number and Password, Click on "Member Resources" and find education from Seed to Seal® to how to redeem Essential Rewards and how to start a business if that's your goal.

 (You've already invested in your kit and love your oils: cool Did you know that every time you enroll someone, YL pays you a $50 thank you check!?

 Do the's a great way to have a "stay-at-home-job" even if you have a day job or work the night shift.  It's about referrals, friends.  That's what network marketing is.  And that's how people are making a lot of residual income with Young Living!)  Check it out!  Or ask me to help you!

I've just celebrated a birthday and chose this time to launch the new name and eventual website that will include everything that's e-Scential to living your life--your frontier--from using oils to enhance your healthy selves or starting a lucrative home-based business, Reiki energy healings or journaling with Ho'oponoopono and retreats--it's still all here at The Frontier!  Thus, the name:  "Frontier e-Scentials!"

Remember:  Today's the final day to get 10 percent OFF a Premium Starter Kit with diffuser!  Christmas is coming and breaking up the kit and gifting ten oils to ten special people; gifting the diffuser to yourself--however you slice or dice it, it's a great deal to take advantage of.

yesAnd remember if you wish to have an at-home gathering, I'll help you:  3 enroll, and your $150 Starter Kit is paid for. (AND you receive 25% off your new enrollee's first 3 month's of orders!!!!)

My Frontier Special continues:  Anyone enrolling 3 of their members on essential rewards in one month gets a FREE bottle of Gratitude from me! You qualify every month.  

Until the next "e-Scential News" post, I'm sending each of you light, love and peace!

angelFrontier Sharon :)

Member 228806 - "Changing lives one drop at a time since 1999."

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