Swallow this and Transform!!!

I received the following article written by Dr. David Stewart.  No, it's not about taking a pill.  (I'm into the aromatherapy--remember?)  It really is something to chew on  (I mean ponder...not physically chomp on.)  I think you'll swallow this new idea. (Hmm, what am I talking about? Keep reading--oh, and my 90 day Transformation is complete--more on that soon!)  

by D. Gary Young

Lemon and Rosemary are in our Transformation® oil blend.

Why would I include lemon? Because lemon is a blood and liver cleanser. It builds leukocytes and helps support the immune system. If your immune system is strong and you're resisting disease, then you feel stronger physically to go through transformational changes.

Rosemary is a stabilizer, a balancer; it's like an anchor and it's really great for improving and enhancing digestive ability.

When you're going through transformation, somebody might share a new idea with you, and you might think, "Oh, I can't quite swallow that." Do you know what happens when you say, "I can't quite swallow that" or "I don't know if I can digest that"? You literally shut down your digestive system. Your digestive enzymes and secretions just shut down.

So, when you're going through a transformation, don't say, "I can't digest it" or "I can't swallow it," or you are not going to transform.

enlightenedRosemary's there to help improve your digestion, so when those new ideas come, say, "Wow, I'll take one more sniff of Transformation, and I think I can handle that idea."

It just gets you in a better space for looking at new ideas. Many of you may be saying, "I can't build a business; I don't know how to go out and talk to people." Unless you are unable to speak, you can talk to people. All you have to do is get excited.  

When you're excited about something, you can't wait to share it with somebody. But when you're depressed, you don't have that excitement, so you need to move out of that space. "  (Note from Sharon here: These essential oils you're using HELP with that stuff--they affect your brain--the Limbic system which can ONLY be assessed through smell--so, voila: Inhale essential oils, and change--move out of a space that holds you back, digest a new life for yourself and TRANSFORM!!!)  Okay, back to Gary's conclusion on the subject:

"Be excited! laughTransform your life now and move into great, new dimensions!"angel

Transformation Oil Blend is Young Living item #3060, which comes in a 15 ml bottle.

Isn't that something to ponder?  Please go back to January's blog archive and read "Transform your Life," and "Transform your Life--the details."  Order a bottle and watch what hapens.....I'm also working right now with this new kit: 

yes  The New Infused 7 is available using Oola 7 Fs--and starting in May I'll be blogging about each one:  Family, Fitness, Faith, Field, Friends, Fun, Finance--which one are you gonna work on first?  

Are you perfectly balanced in all 7 areas of your life? Really??????  (I see a Pinnochio nose starting to grow.....)  

These blends created by Gary are awesome.  Just got my kit yesterday.  Totally affordable if you buy one a month on your ER....(Log into your Virtal Office right here at :  VIRTUAL OFFICE  and order it today!  Play with the Infused OOLA Wheel!  Your Oola-la Life is waiting!!!!!

But more on that later--sun just poked out on this gloomy daycheeky and I'm off for a walk through the puddles!  It's April after all and the showers are part of the deal!  

Love and light,

Frontier Sharon :)

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