Soft flannel sheets -- naturally!

Hello all!

Despite the sunny days, the autumn nights are getting chilly and it's time to bring out the flannel sheets here in Wisconsin!

I make a natural fabric softener with only two ingredients--no toxic chemicals or allergens!  And my flannels smell and feel fabulous!  No chemical-scented dryer sheets here!  Even my flannel PJ's are soft despite the fact I hang them to dry so they don't shrink.  So, what do you need to do?

Obtain these two things:

1 Gallon of WHITE Vinegar


Simply count out your drops as you drop them into your new bottle of vinegar.  Cap tightly.  Shake well....

Voila--you've got a fabulous softener!   Shake well each time before you use it to distribute the oil thru the vinegar.

Each time you are ready to use it, simply pour it into the "softener" dispenser/holder inside your washing machine (or add to the final rinse if that's how you do it.)  I use a little over 1/3 C per load and it's so inexpensive and so wonderful, you must pass in this tip to your friends!

So, it's natural and super easy, right?

 Don't like Lavender?  Use Eucalyptus or Lemon -- or one of your favorite scents!  Just get rid of those toxic dryer sheets. (If you insist on using something in the dryer, sprinkle a drop or two of your favorite oil onto a piece of cotton--like from a worn-out t-shirt.  Sometimes sprinkle a couple drops of oil onto a washcloth if I feel like having an extra-scented load of fluffy bath towels.   Turn on the dryer....voila!  Scented laundry without chemical residue!

Got a "scentsible"  tip that you've been using?  Let me know and I'll include it in my next blog!  

Much love and light until next time!

Sharon :)

a/k/a Frontier Sharon - Click often for the latest news!



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