Six Reasons to Use Your PanAway!!!

angelHello friends.

This warm, foggy, balmy weird weather has my hip and ankle acting up.  Ugh!  Gimme a crisp clear sunshine morning with snow flurries any day!  Alas, I digress from the point of this quick blog which is:  PanAway!

Last week some of you attended Frontier's Fabulous!!! Christmas party! wink And as we sipped refreshers and munched on some snacks, we shared testimonials and stories--it happens when you get a bunch of like-minded oilers together in one room with twinkle lights and a green fir tree covered with ornaments in a room with a cozy fire...oh, am I digressing again?

Anyhoooo, the only thing helping my hip right now get the best relief from what ails it is my PanAway:  It contains a perfect blend of Wintergreen, Clove, Peppermint and Helichrysum which really eases discomfort from both an active lifestyle or normal everyday twinges from daily living. Joints and muscles love the warm soothing effect.  You have it in YOUR EVERY DAY COLLECTION!!!  It's the blue bottle with the weird hard-to-remove-cap*

cool * Why is that cap like that anyway?  Well, PanAway contains Wintergreen!  (And Wintergreen is not to be used on your little ones.  When you get an oil or a blend with this cap (Raven, for example, or Exodus II), that's why.  Use carefully according to your manual or call me if you have a question about this!!!!

Back to the  6 reasons to remember to use your PanAway:

1. Bruising and soreness:  (Apply topically on an injured area to help reduce bruising or "inflamed' area.

2. Sore muscles - great after exercising,  shoveling, sledding, ice-skating,  etc.

3. Headache (I'll add menstruation cramps--miracle!yes) - for headache, a drop on the temples if Peppermint isn't enough; or forehead and back of neck.  For the other "added" help:  low back magic!

4. Growing pains.  (Mixed with a massage oil, it will feel good and soothe away pain.)

5.  Bone and joint pain (1 -2 drops will do it!)

6.  Stiffness and sore muscles in pets -- If your canine buddy has stiff muscles and sore joints,, massage PanAway diluted with a V-6 vegetable oil (or even your EVOO or a Sesame oil) on location or add a drop IN the food.  

Until later this week when this blog gets FESTIVE and SPARKLY,  enjoy yourselves.  Use your oils.  And be safe out there.

As always, if you've got a question, consult your reference guides,cool call me or one of your Frontier team members!  (The above, as always, is intended to educate and is never medical advice nor intended to be a replacement for that.)

Love and light,

Frontier Sharon :)heart - Check in often for the latest "E-scential" news and fun blogs!

414-305-8629 - Mobile - call, text, email anytime!!!

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