Potpouri: Jet lag, weight loss and Sulfurzyme!!!

Since July, 2014 I've been taking Sulfurzyme. (It helps with my hip and my ankle issues, and helps me "go" to the bathroom regularly even when travelling. (TMI?  I'm just sayin!)   Like most of the women in the USA, I am releasing weight this month and am definitely trying the recipe/remedy listed below.  Even though Tim and I aren't flying anywhere until Easter time, the jet lag idea is one I'll try, too!  

Enjoy this post written by a Royal Crown Diamond from Singapore...and have a great week!

surprise Dark Circles Under Eyes by Frances Fuller

It is likely that dark circles can be related to  KIDNEY, LIVER, and/orALLERGIES – and potentially other issues such as clogged colon as well. However, there are really great solutions with the Young Living essential oils and supplements – and one can really address everything at once withSULFURZYME, LEMON, and JUVACLEANSE . . . and avoiding the “Three Poisons” – SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY PRODUCTS.

Whenever there are “allergies”, the body is deficient in sulfur.  SULFURZYME is the perfect solution, and Dr. Ronald Lawrence, Dr. Peter Minke, and Gary Young all agree that there is “no upper limit” to the amount of Sulfurzyme that one can take.

Note:  I often hear, “I am allergic to sulfur”.  However, it is impossible for anyone to be allergic to PURE ORGANIC SULFUR as it is in every single cell of the human body.  The allergy would be to SYNTHETIC compounds or additives that are in most products.  ALL pharmaceuticals are synthetic compounds.

NEXT, it is important to REHYDRATE the body.  (Dehydration affects the kidneys and the colon.)  If one uses LEMON (or any of the CITRUS OILS), in large amounts, it can help to decongest the colon and the lymphatics, allowing the body to more easily detoxify.

Finally, it is important to cleanse the liver, and JUVACLEANSE is the perfect answer.  It can be applied topically and taken internally.  If one does not like the taste, then put it in capsules, beginning with 3 drops and slowly increasing the number of drops.

It is totally amazing how quickly one can see results with diligent attention.  Certainly, expensive whitening creams will NOT provide the results that “happy kidneys, colon, and liver” will bring.


When traveling, apply 1 drop of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil of CEDARWOOD to the rims of your ears and the base of your skull, and then cup hands over nose, inhaling the aroma deeply several times. Apply frequently during the flight. This will rapidly oxygenate the cells of your brain, allowing you to arrive fresh and alert.

I also like to use LAVENDER before or after cedarwood. It relaxes everyone!

NOTE: It is far easier to PREVENT jet lag than to get over it! -Frances Fuller

wink  Weight loss tips

Try 4 drops of Peppermint Oil and 4 drops of lemon oil in a gel cap with a carrier oil, like grape seed oil or almond oil daily to help to with weight loss. The lemon will help to break down the fat cells and toxins and peppermint I find helps me to feel satisfied and not needing to eat as often. 

Check this out in your Essential Oils Desk Reference, 6th edition. This is the place to go for all your essential oil questions. If can help you in so many ways. The BEST book to have on essential oils. http://www.lifesciencepublishers.com/  (If you don't have a reference guide, you need to invest in one this year!  Call me if you wish recommendations other than the one above, which I highly recommend by the way!)

So, there you have it.  I'm off to make a gel cap filled with Peppermint and Lemon.  Cosmically, I've been drinking two drops of each in my first glass of water since the start of the new year....I get my capsules at Wholefoods.   They're cheaper than the ones offered at YL.   Check out your health food store--get them in bulk--and expirament away those extra pounds!:)

Until next time, I'm here for an on-demand class at The Frontier.  I need only to hear from you!

heartLove and light,

Frontier Sharon :)

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