It's time to AWAKEN - October is here!


Happy October!!!  The maple leaves are beginning to turn red, our white birch is starting to turn yellow-ish gold, and other trees in my corner of the world are just starting to blush.  Autumn is here in full splendor, and as the darker days are upon us, let's consider awakening a part of ourselves with a new-to-you essential oil blend called Awaken.

Why would you use this  Awaken™ essential oil blend?

 It's a super emotion oil; and also, it will "Awaken" in you the best possible YOU.  And at Frontier eScentials, that's what it's all about--Mind, Body and Spirit.  (Linda Smith put this information together, and it's something I felt right about sharing in this October blog:  

"This blend helps awaken you to the possibility of your highest potential, and that is needed if you are to take a role of leadership while learning from others, losing with grace, listening to inner guidance, and loving both self and others."


(Wow, that sounds deep?!)   Not really.  

Look at what's all in this great blend which I put on my 3rd Eye (the area between your eyebrows and 1/2 inch above the brim of your nose) which is your psychic center! 

"Awaken™ is actually a blend of 5 other blends:   Joy™ to open yourheart heart and promote feelings of self-love and love of others;   Present Time™ created to bring you both mentally and emotionally into the present time;  Forgiveness™ formulated to help move you into a mental state where you can forgive and let go what holds you in bondage;   Dream Catcher™blended to open the mind and enhance your dreams and help you visualize your dreams until they become a reality; and Harmony™ to help you be in harmony with yourself, your Creatorangel and the world around you."

Try this:  Put 1 -2 drops in your palm and circle 3 times:  

Then put Awaken™ on your heartheart, forehead, temples or wrists. "This is a beautiful oil just to brush through your energy field to start your day."  (I agree!)

So, now you've got a beauty of a treat for yourself this month.  The blends mentioned above which make this blend are truly amazing blends--I own, love, and use them all!  I look forward to your Awakening.

And I send you light, love and peace until the next time we're connected here, at a monthly class, or at a gathering given for you by me  at The Frontier.


Frontier Sharon :)

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