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Have you clicked on the angel meditationangel that I gifted you earlier this week?  It's contained within the content of the last blog.  And if you haven't, it's something for you to check out at your earliest convenience!  And if you have experienced it by actually giving yourself 15 minutes out of your busy-ness called your life, how was it?  

Whether this is your first experience with a guided meditation or it's "old hat,"are you curious how 15 minutes of breathing and stillness might do wonders for your soul--not to mention your human brain, physical body and overall wellbeing?  (Scroll through this short blog and get right to it!  You'll need to click on "View all" and it will come up for you!)   But before you head over to that blog, keep reading this one--it'll only take a few more seconds--

enlightenedHere's an idea:  Next time you do the meditation (or even if this is your maiden voyage) why not try inhaling a few oils before you begin?  Or diffuse them wherever it is that you are meditating.  And here are a few suggestions on Young Living essential oils that are helpful to use in your breath work, meditation, journaling (or daily living) to promote a deeper peace and calm:

Lavender- Our Swiss Army knife of oils--widely known for its MULTI-USES, I adore it for almost anything!  I love the scent before I fall asleep; I love it after a bath a shower because of its natural calming effect.  (Look in your reference books and see what else it's great for--you all have it in your Everyday oil collection! 

Cedarwood - gives greater clarity and reassurance with each inhalation.  (And your dreams later will be pretty vivid!)

Rosemary - helpful to clear mental fatigue and rejuvenate. (And it helps with memory!)

Basil - great for easing tension and overall comfort.  (The King of the oils--in addition to it helping your relax as you breath deeply (inhale to the slow count of  9; hold; exhale to the count of 9--do it again 3 times.) it is the WONDER oil for a lot! Check your reference books and discover more!  

IF you wish, you might add a drop to your tomato sauce right before serving it over your pasta!  Mmmm, smell it?  Who doesn't wanna take a big inhalation of that?! 

IF you don't have any of these oils, log into your Virtual Office right now and get 'em!  The price is right (they're all under $25) and the benefits you'll receive by using them in your daily living will astound you.

Until next time, I'm sending you Love and Light!

angelFrontier Sharon :)

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