Comfort me with apples - and mushroom soup!

Hi friends!  

Years ago I had the privilege of meeting and receiving the autograph of one of my favorite writers, Ruth Reichl.  She was the editor of Gourmet magazine for years; and later, as an author of several books, she infused wit and humor into her memoir and always sprinkled a few of her favorite recipes throughout the pages.

Her mushroom soup recipe is one of my all-time favorites and was included in "Comfort me with Apples"  into which she inscribed on my copy: "Sharon, keep on cookin'!"  Her secret ingredient?  A hint of nutmeg.

This month Nutmeg is one of the free oils when you order 190 PV . My Aunt Shirley orders for many of her friends and easily hits her 100 PV essential reward points plus the 190 that is usually required to get the minimum amount of freebies.  If you have friends who love to cook, ask them if you might order a few oils for them to help them stay healthy this fall and cook with some flare! (And get your free oils this month! It's so easy to add up to 190 when sharing with friends and family.)

Consider these:

Nutmeg is $13.00 wholesale;

Cinnamon Bark - $24.00 wholesale;  

                      ALL FOUR taste wonderful in TEA, HOT WATER--add some to a simmering crock pot of apple cider!  And experiment in your favorite autumn recipes!                                               

Ginger - $13.25 wholesale

Orange - $10.75 wholesale 

Even Thieves is great at $33.75 a bottle to diffuse, apply topically to the bottoms of your feet, gargle, take as a dietary supplement--with its clove, cinnamon bark, rosemary, lemon and eucalyptus,you can almost see airborne bacteria running away as your immune system smiles!  Add to hot water with a cinnamon stick!  It's fabulous and soothing to sip as you relax this weekend!   

Until next time, enjoy the brilliant colors of the season.  And know I send you love and light!

Frontier Sharon :)

(Oh, If you read this and send me a request, I will share the recipe for mushroom soup with you!)  

********And if you have a gathering this month to share your passion for your oils, I'll bring my home diffuser with my favorite fall blend of 4 drops orange, 3 ginger, and 3 cinnamon bark -- 10 drops that will make everyone in your home want to buy them wholesale too!  Let me know!


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