Blessings in a bottle!

Hello all!

The leaves are starting to turn bright orange, and the weather is damp outside.  Inside my windows are closed, and it's time to spritz some fragrance here and there to freshen things up and make the house cozy (without turning on the oven to bake a squash or something apple/cinnamon/nutmeg-yummy!)

So, here are a few easy concoctions to put into a spray bottle and have fun blessing your rooms with a purpose:

  • Wanna bring in happiness and excitement and help with decision-making?
  • Add to 1 Cup of Water  6 drops each of:  Lemon, Peppermint, Cedarwood and Orange -- spray on the walls and in your room.  

$$$$$  Interested in bringing more prosperity into your life?  

Use your Abundance blend and simply put into a bottle with 1 Cup of water and your pot of gold will find you!  (Also, put a few drops on your palms and inhale and watch the energy appear in the form of checks and cash...don't forget to thank me for the tip!  ;)  

Here's a great recipe for a PROSPERITY BLEND if you haven't yet ordered Abundance blend:

1 Cup of water and 6 drops each of:  Clove, Cinnamon, Patchouli and Ginger.  

Diffuse it when you move into a new place, start a new project or just wish to dwell in the midst of infinite abundance.....mmmmmmmmm, smells good, doesn't it?  Spray inside your purses and your wallet; on your bank statements--even your bills....keep that energy moving!!!!!

It's fun and easy to play with the oils and create scent-sational room sprays for your bathroom, linens and dried flower arrangements once your fresh-garden flowers are done blooming (which here in Wisconsin is soon, my friends.)

Until next time, much love and light!!!

Frontier Sharon:)

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