Bleach away - naturally!

Hi all! 

Want a fast natural bleach to swap out a poison/chemical/toxic cleaning agent under your sink?

In a large spray bottle mix:

1 Cup peroxide

1Cup Water

20 drops of Lemon essential oil

That's it.   (My friend Judy made this and used the dark brown peroxide bottle; added the water and lemon and voila!  Instant counter cleaner, sanitzer--whatever you use bleach for!)    See ya around, Clorox.  Hello, Happy Liver!

(Wanna learn more about greening your home one product at a time?  Attend the Health and Wellness Community Classes of the Fox Valley currently held at: 3010 East Northshore Boulevard in Appleton once a month on Mondays!

On Monday, October 13th, from 6:30 to 7:30 P.M. you'll learn the ABC's of household toxins and dangerous common personal care products.  If a product has a warning on the label, it is poison! )

I'll be at the resource table with reference books and brochures and to answer questions.

 $5 for YL members; if you bring a guest, they attend for free!  And there are always raffles--maybe you'll win some NingXia Red!!!!)

Please join me to learn about the cumulative effect most household cleaning products have on your health and the dangers they present to everyone in your home, including your kids and pets.  And learn alternative ways to soften your fabric, clean your dishwasher, tub and toilet--and more!)

Did you know that a bottle of Lemon is $11.25 and there are 85 - 100 drops per bottle?  Peroxide costs 75 cents.  Hmm, seems like for less than $4 a batch you can keep your counters and door handles clean and germ-free without all the icky fumes.

Sound good?   I think so, too!

Love and light,

Sharon :)

920-733-7721; 414-305-8629- mobile



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