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....."falala lala la la la ahhhhhhhh!"

Yup.  It's that time of year again.  Snow flakes are falling already and the weather outside tonight is frightful!

So, why not log onto: and start a wholesale membership for yourself or for a friend?

(So easy -- I'm enroller/sponsor and my number 228806 is already filled in the blanks for your convenience.  Choose a 4-digit PIN and password, fill in the form and voila:  You have a wholesale menu with 24% off retail prices every time you log in forever with NO yearly minimum purchase--NO monthly minimum--NO obligation to sell or be salesy--just your own account to enjoy the lowest prices forever!!!!)

For $40 you will have your membership for life.  It's the least expensive enrollment option--the Basic kit offered by Young Living--but that doesn't mean you're not getting a great deal!

No.  You don't get the $96 retail value home diffuser like you do with the $75 Kit  or $150 Premium Starter kit.  

No, you don't get 11 oils like you do with the $150 Premium Starter kit.  (The $75 kit does include both the Basic starter kit AND the Home Diffuser!!!!)

BUT you do get a 5 ml Stress-Away with a roller ball, and four sample packets of some of the best YL has to offer:  Peppermint, Thieves, Lavender and Lemon. And Two 2-oz samples of NingXia Red (smooshed wolfberries and oils) blended into an amazing energy-packed overall-life enhancing juice! Try 'em and see what you love--then order them for gifts!  

Imagine that you're ready to buy gifts for your friends and family, and you shop while sipping a warm cider or cup of cocoa and stay cozy in your flannel pajamas in your warm house while everyone else is rushing around in the mall and freezing in the drizzly cold! 

If you have any questions, or need gift ideas, I'm simply a phone call, email or text away.

My recommendations:  Get your wholesale account and then buy some 15 ML bottles of some of the best:

Lemon 15 ml is $11.25!

Lavender is $23.

Peppermint is $19.

There's Orange, Tangerine and Lime--get some bottles of essential oils instead of that fruit basket.  (And they're all under $20!!!)

Get a 30 sample packet of NingXia Red and stuff the stockings with an antioxidant delicious healthy drink!

The ideas are me if you have any questions and I'll send you a list of gifts under $25!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Be safe if you are travelling this weekend or next weekend!!!

Until next time!

Love and light,

~Frontier Sharon - the latest blogs and e-scential news!

414-305-8629 - Mobile (text or email or call!)

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