A gift for YOU!

Hello friends.

I just celebrated my 10-year Reiki Master anniversary on Sunday.   I still remember showing up at Kate's house--frightened of what would happen to me and what I'd need to do as I assumed such a responsibility.  (More about that in a different blog.)  Kate reminded me that I will experience "Reiki birthdays," and I always do get the most interesting gifts from the Universe on my three celebrations of Reiki I, II and Master certificate.

The Universe definitely did NOT disappoint for 10 years of lightwork:  FIVE Bald Eagles circled and soared overhead as Tim and I set off for a hike Sunday afternoon!  And  I also received a Divine "healing" opportunity for a beautiful soul who arrived for a Reiki session three days before my anniversary date.  Working in the Light and with the Light continues to remind me:  Until I grow wings, I've a lot of work to do here in earth school!  

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."  You've heard that expression, right?  Well, it is truth.  

As I facilitated the healing (remember:  I'm simply the channel or the empty tube for which this loving gentle energy flows), I received a healing as well.  I'd been scattered and "busy" with my black and white career with no time for writing or creativity, so her appearance at my door was what the doctor ordered!    (She also brought a big bowl of home-made Jambalaya for dinner...another Reiki gift!) We laughed and shared stories about our work with the angel realm and her new discovery of  working with a few archangels; and after she left, I felt creatively inspired and am now re-decorating  The Frontier with a few cool things and a brand-new "look."  Until then, it's still comfortable and condusive for relaxation.  So, this morning before coming into my office, I treated myself to a "healing" by enjoying a 15-minute guided angel meditation.

Have you ever done an angel meditation?  angel

Well, I've got a gift for YOU in honor of my Reiki birthday!  Find a quiet spot where you'll be undisturbed.  (Lay on the bathroom floor if you have to with the door locked--this is your sacred time!)   And click on this Manifestation with the Angels by Doreen Virtue, my favorite Angel teacher on the planet. Take 15 minutes, close your eyes and enjoy! 


I am feeling fabulous.  And I hope you feel fabulous too!  

  • It'll be interesting to see if you are drawn to any essential oils in the next few days.  (I'm wearing Abundance daily on my diffuser necklace and diffusing Transformation most mornings.)  Let me know what you do! 
  • Consider keeping a journal about your experience post-meditation if you wish and record the results.  
  • Maybe you're interested in experiencing a Reiki healing yourself?  I  know just the place! wink
  • Or simply carry on in your life having gifted 15 precious minutes to yourself and enjoy how much "lighter" you feel.

Until next time,

Love and light~

Frontier Sharon :)heart

And remember:  Any time you have anything you think others need to know about your experience with oils, or journaling or this meditation, let me know.  If you want credit, I'll credit you.  If you wish anonymity, that's good too!  It's always good to share and I've got the venue; ie, these "E-scential News" blogs to do it!


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