10 Topical/Aromatic Lavender tips

Hi Lavender Lovers!

You've got the oils--and I know you're sharing them with your friends and sharing your reference books so they know what to do when it's time to use them--so, here's a great list to share with them too!

1.  Diffuse for a comforting and calming scent.

2.  Stress and anxiety.  Soothe anxiety and stress with the calming effects of lavender oil.

3.  Unwind by adding a few drops to a nighttime bath; enhance your sleep by rubbing some lavender on the bottoms of your feet before going to bed.yes

 wink Also try a combination of peppermint and lavender oil on your temples when your boss has been on your case all day, the washing machine broke, the kids used Crayola to decorate their bedroom walls, your husband forgot your birthday--you get my drift--your head is gonna explode--try this!!!  for some relief.  (Remember:  Peppermint "pushes" the other oil in...benefits are ramped up!!!)

 Insects are everywhere in summer activities.  If they've chomped you, try a drop of lavender oil.  Soothing, yes?  

4.  Fatigue.  Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bath water to relieve fatigue.  (Isn't that interesting--it relaxes but also reduces fatigue...it's an adaptogen...so it adapts to what YOUR body needs....cool stuff!)yes

5.  Exfoliating hand cleaner and scrub.   Make your own bath scrubs. Use sugar, olive oil, and lavender to create a wonderful exfoliating scrub for rough skin.

6. Ingredient in DIY cleaning products.  Add lavender to your homemade spray cleaner, laundry soap and other DIY cleaning products.  

7.  Got kids?  Put a few drops into a diffuser and place it in a child’s room to comfort them with a calming scent.  Or add oil to a carrier oil and rub on the bottom of their feet anytime you want to help them unwind.yes

8.  Itchy scalp.  Mix lavender oil with water and massage into the scalp. You can also add a few drops to your favorite conditioner after shampooing your hair to complement your hair regimine.

9. Moths.   Wanna keep 'em out of the closet?  Make a little sachet of cotton balls doused in lavender oil.  Or if you are lucky enough to grow lavender in your yard, make up a little bundle of dried lavender leaves and flowers to to keep the moths away.

10.  Air Freshener. Add 5 to 6 drops lavender is a small mason jar.  Add some baking soda then punch holes in the lid. Place in smelly areas (near the garbage can and laundry hamper, for example) and shake the jar often.

How are you using YOUR lavender?  mailSend me a note and I'll publish it in a future blog post!  It's all about YOU, my friends, and how you're using them at your job, in your home, with your home-schooling.....they're simply the best and I love to learn how you're enjoying them too.

Until next time, enjoy your oils!

Love and light,heart

Frontier Sharon :)

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